Emergency Decontamination Services

Stop paying for insufficient, costly, and harmful chemical decontamination services. Quantum Restoration helps you stay ahead of the curve by utilizing chemical free, cutting edge technology to perform whole building viral inactivation and decontamination. Quantum Restoration’s team of Professionals have been in the business of mitigating bio medical, microbial, hazardous material and other contaminants for decades. Our staff and management have over 125 years of training and experienced in the proper, safe and effective procedures when it comes to these type exposures. Our process has been confirmed to be a fast and effective method of inactivating viruses. In a matter of minutes, we are able to perform a treatment that breaks apart the lipid molecules of a virus at sites of multiple bond configuration, resulting in the fragmentation of its lipid envelope and destroying its DNA or RNA core. Our third party licensed industrial hygienist can perform post clearance testing providing our customers documentation that viral inactivation was successful. We Guarantee results!

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  • Commercial & Residential Decontamination
  • Off-Hours & Weekend Service Available

One Time, Bi-Weekly and Weekly Services Available

For a Consultation Regarding your Facility Please Call our office at (866) 356-8785.

Serving Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Central Florida

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