Mold Removal

The presence of mold in your home should not be taken lightly as it can have harmful effects on your health. Some signs of the presence of mold can be:

  • Strong musky odors
  • The Presence of visible mold
  • Evidence of previous water damage where mold could be hiding
  • Excessive moisture or humidity

Our recommendation is to first have a certified mold technician inspect the damage to inform you what steps need to be taken. In some cases, an indoor air quality professional will be required to create a protocol for remediating the damage. Be certain that the firm you hire is certified, first and foremost. If the remediation is not done properly, your entire home or building could become cross contaminated. These are the steps that need to be taking to remediate mold:

  • The affected area must be sealed with a containment room made out of plastic that is under negative air filtered by a HEPA machine
  • Any sheet rock and trim should be removed, bagged, and disposed of
  • The remaining framework should be HEPA vacuumed and treated with an antimicrobial agent
  • Finally, the existing framework should be sealed with an antimicrobial sealer before rebuilding

At QRS we employee certified mold technicians that have the experience to remediate mold properly and ensure you and your family have clean air to breath. If you believe that you may have a mold issue in your home, please call us today for a FREE visual inspection and recommendation.