Smoke Damage

If you have had a fire in your home or business or have had exposure from a nearby fire where smoke has infiltrated your building, you could have a mammoth cleaning project on your hands. Often times the damage is not visible without the detailed inspection of the building and its contents. For example, in most cases there will be a film of soot on everything from the contents in your home to the hard surfaces that will need to be removed using special vacuums and cleaning products. If you have central air, your entire duct system could be affected and in need of professional cleaning. The soft goods such as upholstery, drapes, and wardrobes take the brunt of the damage as they absorb odor and need to properly deodorized and cleaned. At QRS we have a profound understanding of the steps that need to be incorporated to remediate smoke damage in a building and restore affect content. Our dedicated staff of restorative cleaning professionals will work diligently and efficiently to bring your home and belongings back to a pre-loss condition.