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South Orlando Mold Removal
South Orlando Mold Removal
South Orlando Mold Removal

South Orlando Mold Removal - Serving South Orlando FL

Mold Removal Services in South Orlando FL

South Orlando Mold Removal Company in Florida

At Quantum Restoration, we understand that mold can be a nuisance in your home or place of business. Some signs of the presence of mold can be, strong musky odors, visible presences of mold, evidence of previous water damage where mold could be hiding, and excessive moisture or humidity. If you have been experiencing allergic reactions inside your South Orlando home or place of business such as sneezing, runny noses, chronic fatigue or persistent headaches, you should contact a mold removal and remediation expert immediately!

If you are unsure whether you need to hire a mold removal specialist, call Quantum Restoration today! Our state licensed mold inspectors are concerned with the safety of you and your family above all else. We are licensed to inspect and if required, test for mold on surfaces and in the air in the South Orlando area. In most cases a visual inspection service call is free, and we can then advise you if mold testing and or mold removal is required.

South Orlando Mold Removal and Remediation Claims Management Experts

Quantum Restoration is a local mold abatement, full service restoration, and claims management company. We specialize in property damage restoration caused by water, fire, and mold in South Orlando, FL. With 20 years of experience in claims management, mold remediation, and property restoration we excel at helping home & business owners one, navigate the claim process, and two, bring their homes & businesses back to a pre-loss condition. We are an approved and recommended contractor for most National Insurance Carriers which gives us ease in getting your claim covered, work quickly started, and paid for with no out of pocket expense to you. We employ certified state licensed mold remediators and maintain other crucial certifications related to our trades. Our objective is to lead our industry by staying on the cutting edge of the science, technology, and technique.

  • Alicia H. in Philadelphia, PA
    In an age of suspicion and distrust, Quantum restoration is truly refreshing. I found Joel to be always courteous, professional polite and trustworthy. I handed him my house key and he took it from there. I appreciated his attention to detail to the extent that he made friends with my cat (who is very much a member of the family). The workmanship was exceptional and the workers were respectful courteous trustworthy and clean. The finished project is simply amazing. In short, I can't imagine using anyone else for work in my home!
    Alicia H. in Philadelphia, PA
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  • Homeowner in Warrington, PA
    The extra effort that QRS put forth in dealing and negotiating with my insurance adjuster and other contracts was well above what I would have expected. After my initial call, they came out quoted the job and did the work all in a matter of days. I was extremely pleased. Would not hesitate to recommend QRS to others.
    Homeowner in Warrington, PA
    Repair Damage from Dry-rot, Water or Pests
  • Azita G. in Havertown, PA
    I had always heard that dealing with contractors is not easy until I met Joel and Mike from QRS. I can not find words to explain how wonderful professional, fast, clean and extremely fair these guys are. The work was done at my investment property that is about one hour drive from my residence. I didn't have to be there every day or even once to see how they are working or what was the progress. They were on schedule and finished the work without needing any supervision. will recommend QRS to all of my friends and family because I honesty believe that they are the best.
    Azita G. in Havertown, PA
    Repair Damage from Dry-rot, Water or Pests
  • Diane R. in Merion Station, PA
    Joel was very responsive and flexible. The team that worked on my house was great. They were very skilled and well trained. They left the space extremely clean. Even our insurance adjuster was impressed. He said he doesn't usually see work so neatly done.
    Diane R. in Merion Station, PA
    Repair Damage from Dry-rot, Water or Pests
  • Hai nguyen N. in Philadelphia, PA
    They did an awesome job. Very meticulous. They made sure it was done properly. They even took all the stuff out of my basement before they started the work. One company told me I had to do it all myself before they did anything. Definitely would recommend them. Good job guys
    Hai nguyen N. in Philadelphia, PA
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  • Lan L. in Philadelphia, PA
    In my dealings with many contractors, I find Joel and Mike among the most trustworthy of them. These guys are very hard-working, methodical and efficient. They took care of everything, including moving furniture around and putting things back in order when the job was completed. A very neat job!
    Lan L. in Philadelphia, PA
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South Orlando Mold Removal & Testing Recommendations

The State of Florida has strict laws surrounding Mold Remediation activities in the South Orlando area. Hiring a state licensed mold removal company is imperative when there is mold present in your home or place of business! Mold remediation that is not properly executed risks contaminating the entire building. If the extent of mold damaged material is greater than 10 sq ft a 3rd party state licensed mold assessor must perform air testing before remediation begins and post remediation air testing at the time of the completion of remediation activities. This is the only way that a mold remediation company can provide a guaranty of satisfactory indoor air quality.

Remediation efforts should include: The affected area being contained and placed under a negative pressure with air filtration devices; affected soft goods such as textiles, drywall, trim, and insulation removed, bagged and disposed of properly; and the entire work space cleaned with the heap sandwich method. The professional mold technicians at Quantum Restoration are experts at these techniques and will ensure that your family has clean, safe air in your home. Please call us today for a FREE visual inspection and recommendation. We have years of experience in the South Orlando FL area!

Our South Orlando Mold Removal And Restoration Services Include:
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Mold Removal & Mold Remediation
  • Mold Testing & Mold Consulting
  • Mold Cleanup
  • Odor Removal
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Water Extraction, Drying and Dehumidification

If you are seeking South Orlando mold removal services or are in need of South Orlando mold removal specialists in South Orlando, FL, call (215) 259-3402 or send Quantum Restoration Services a message today.