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Villanova Water Damage
Villanova Water Damage
Villanova Water Damage

Villanova Water Damage - Serving Villanova PA

Water Damage Repair in Villanova PA 19085

Villanova Water Damage Restoration in Pennsylvania

Here at Quantum Restoration, we are a local full service restoration and claims management company. We specialize in property damage restoration caused by water, fire, and mold in Villanova, PA. With 20 years of experience in claims management and property restoration we excel at helping home & business owners one, navigate the claim process, and two, bring their homes & businesses back to a pre loss condition. We are an approved and recommended contractor for most National Insurance Carriers which gives us ease in getting your claim covered, work quickly started, and paid for with no out of pocket expense to you. We employ Licensed, Certified Water Damage Specialists & Mold Remediators. Our objective is to lead our industry by staying on the cutting edge of science, technology, and technique.

Villanova Water Damage Categories and Remediation

It is important to understand the difference between each type of water damage incident as they require different procedures in order to maintain the integrity of your indoor environment. Inappropriate water damage cleanup can lead to serious health risks for everyone exposed to the area.

Clean water (category 1) damage poses the lowest immediate risk. However, the water damage will need to be addressed within 24 hours of the initial incident or it may be necessary to remove the materials that were affected by the water. Many contractors in the Villanova area may tell you that ripping apart your home is necessary, as they may not have the right equipment or expertise to dry those materials and may be seeking a larger payment! Avoid hiring water damage contractors that do not provide "top down drying" or "direct heat drying." These two water damage repair methods can dry your flooring, cabinetry, other finishes, and structures without the need for demolition or flooring removal.

Grey water damage remediation (category 2) is a water cleanup activity that can be more extensive. Any water that potentially contains micro-organisms, contaminates or has been stagnant for more than 48 hours is classified as grey water. In Villanova PA, water damage cleanup for grey water is more invasive than it is for clean water damage. Once the water cleanup has been performed, selective removal of water damaged materials needs to be address, such as textiles, drywall, insulation, and other soft goods. The area then needs to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before the drying process begins.

The last type of water damage experienced is black water damage (category 3). This form of damage can occur due to a sewer back up as well as from rain water that has passed through soil or flood water from lakes or rivers. Unfortunately, if you are experiencing black water damage in your Villanova home, there is a great deal of work necessary to completely repair the affected areas. It is necessary to removal all materials affected by black water other than framing, which can be affectively treated, clean, and if necessary sealed. Additional all textiles such as carpet, upholstered furniture, lines, etc need to be removed and disposed.

  • Alicia H. in Philadelphia, PA
    In an age of suspicion and distrust, Quantum restoration is truly refreshing. I found Joel to be always courteous, professional polite and trustworthy. I handed him my house key and he took it from there. I appreciated his attention to detail to the extent that he made friends with my cat (who is very much a member of the family). The workmanship was exceptional and the workers were respectful courteous trustworthy and clean. The finished project is simply amazing. In short, I can't imagine using anyone else for work in my home!
    Alicia H. in Philadelphia, PA
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  • Homeowner in Warrington, PA
    The extra effort that QRS put forth in dealing and negotiating with my insurance adjuster and other contracts was well above what I would have expected. After my initial call, they came out quoted the job and did the work all in a matter of days. I was extremely pleased. Would not hesitate to recommend QRS to others.
    Homeowner in Warrington, PA
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  • Azita G. in Havertown, PA
    I had always heard that dealing with contractors is not easy until I met Joel and Mike from QRS. I can not find words to explain how wonderful professional, fast, clean and extremely fair these guys are. The work was done at my investment property that is about one hour drive from my residence. I didn't have to be there every day or even once to see how they are working or what was the progress. They were on schedule and finished the work without needing any supervision. will recommend QRS to all of my friends and family because I honesty believe that they are the best.
    Azita G. in Havertown, PA
    Repair Damage from Dry-rot, Water or Pests
  • Diane R. in Merion Station, PA
    Joel was very responsive and flexible. The team that worked on my house was great. They were very skilled and well trained. They left the space extremely clean. Even our insurance adjuster was impressed. He said he doesn't usually see work so neatly done.
    Diane R. in Merion Station, PA
    Repair Damage from Dry-rot, Water or Pests
  • Hai nguyen N. in Philadelphia, PA
    They did an awesome job. Very meticulous. They made sure it was done properly. They even took all the stuff out of my basement before they started the work. One company told me I had to do it all myself before they did anything. Definitely would recommend them. Good job guys
    Hai nguyen N. in Philadelphia, PA
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  • Lan L. in Philadelphia, PA
    In my dealings with many contractors, I find Joel and Mike among the most trustworthy of them. These guys are very hard-working, methodical and efficient. They took care of everything, including moving furniture around and putting things back in order when the job was completed. A very neat job!
    Lan L. in Philadelphia, PA
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Villanova Water Damage Company

The most important part of water damage repair is in the drying process. When you are searching for a water damage removal company, be sure to ask if they are certified in structural drying and verify that low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers, desiccant dehumidifiers or direct heat drying units will be used to dry your home. These types are machines are the only methods that can properly dry building structures in a timely manner. When your Villanova home has been exposed to black water damage, be sure that you are hiring professional, certified water damage restoration experts to treat your space. Contact Quantum Restoration today!

At Quantum Restoration our certified water damage restoration company is always keeping up-to-date with the most advanced equipment to care for the damage to your home. We have been serving the Villanova PA area for years, and take pride in restoring your home back to the condition it was in before experiencing water damage. Our team provides water damage repair services with only your best interests in mind and will communicate with you along every step of the remediation process. You will always know what steps are being taken in your home when you call Quantum Restoration for emergency restoration services, disaster restoration services, or any other of the restoration services we offer.

Our Villanova Water Damage Restoration & Additional Services Include:
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Damage Cleanup
  • Water Damage Remediation
  • Odor Removal
  • Mold Removal & Mold Remediation
  • Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Water Extraction, Drying & Dehumidification
  • General Contracting Services
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you are seeking Villanova water damage repair or are in need of Villanova water damage restoration services in Villanova PA 19085, call (215) 259-3402 or send Quantum Restoration Services a message today.